About Us

TempStop Ltd was founded in November 2009 by Managing Director Yasmin Bagworth, in response to the difficulties experienced by our parent company, Qualitex Hygiene Services Ltd in sourcing proficient, dependable, legal agency staff.

Since 2009 we have grown in size but managed to keep our personal touch with our clients and our workers.

This has been possible through an in-depth understanding of blue-collar recruitment and the flexibility to tailor a service which meets the individual needs of each customer. We are particularly driven to provide a more personal service to small and medium businesses and firmly believe in the policy of delivering quality as opposed to quantity.

Our preference is therefore to supply smaller numbers of employees, rather than poorly managing large numbers. In this way we are able to deliver a superior and individualised service to our customers: our work ethic is underpinned by an uncompromising commitment to deliver only the highest standards of service.